Our services

Tokenization & Tokenomics

Business analysis, token modeling & research, tokenomics

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Tokenization legal structuring, compliance and taxation

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Advisory & Support

Token dev. & deployment, ITO, Financial valuations

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Our crypto token solutions

Utility token

Business analysis, token modeling & research, tokenomics

Asset token

Represent fungible and non fungible asset rights

Financial instruments & Securities

Traditional & hybrid instrument

Payment token

Enabling easier payments and efficient clearing and settlement processes

Stable token

Value pegged to stable price asset, presumably traditional


Represents unique identification, data or right

Industries application & token use cases

Tokenization subscripton pricing

We designed subscripton packages for asset or business tokenization in order to provide solutions for onboarding, token design or token launch!


333 x 3 months

500 x 2 months

  • Individual education “Crypto asset, tokenization & token models“
  • Consultation
  • Tokenization use case test of your company, product or services


1,250 x 6 months

2,333 x 3 months

  • Analysis of the token issuer business model
  • Industry application and use cases report
  • Tokenomics fundamentals
  • Legal & tax status
  • Consultation
  • Tokenization concept (light paper)


2,500 x 6 months

4,660 x 3 months

  • Design package included
  • Token offering legal structure
  • Token purchase/utility agreement
  • Issuer resolutions & documents
  • Compliance
  • White paper
  • • the price list is applied for issuing utility & asset reference tokens
  • • „Designer” package payments are deductable in case of switching to “Launcher” package
  • • we reserve the right to increase the offering price in the case of hybrid tokens and complex legal and economic requirements
Additional charges
  • • technological support for smart contracting, token deployment and token management service
  • • liquidity pool set up
  • • listing
  • • governance set up/DAO
  • • tokenization of financial instruments and securities
  • • custody

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